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As I acknowledge that most of the visitors of this blog seem to be living in the USA, I have decided to offer short summaries of the texts in English.
The intension of this blog is to collect descriptions of my pilgrimages. Calling my blog "Express pilgrim" I'm saying something about the journeys per se, not about total experience of my various pilgrimages.
When I make a journey to a sanctuary I either travel a long way at high speed or I make a very short trip in a slow tempo.
The pilgrimage aspect however, is cultivated and expressed in my thorough preparations before the journey and my unlimited reflections after. This is the pilgrimage in sum: The empirical preparations, the journey itself and finally the never ending act of reflecting.
- - - -
Nov. 7th, 2013
My very first pilgrimage took me to the local Catholic church of my home town. After months of being attracted by the world's largest confession and lots of research on the Internet, I took a couple of drinks to get the courage necessary to take a walk to attend Catholic Mass for the first time. The local Catholic church is situated some 1200 meters from my home. My promenade lasted less than 10 minutes, but it became the beginning of a lifelong pilgrimage.
- - - -
Nov. 26th and 29th, 2013
Since November 2013 I have been documenting my journeys, my reflections and the knowledge acquired by writing the texts in this blog. For myself it's useful and helpful to make systematic recalls of my pilgrimages in this way. Perhaps I even bring hope or comfort to another uneasy og pious soul out there. Being an adult male, way past the peak of maturity, I have skills and experiences that will gradually be revealed in the posts of this blog. I am Norwegian, and as my national language is one of the insignificant ones globally speaking, I have learnt quite a few foreign languages in my lifetime, the most useful one being Latin, the original language of the church to which I converted a few years ago.
- - - -
Dec. 1st, 2013
A considerabel portion of my Catholic reading has taken place with my Kindle. I have bought a large number of books by Catholic authors from and downloaded them on my Kindle, my cellphone and my Asus Transformer pad. In this way my books are always accessible, always at hand when an interval of a minute or occurs.
My Catholic studies, partly initiated by the Father of my local church, has for several years had my Kindle as its major source. That's why I love my Kindle so much.
- - - -
Dec. 3rd, 2013
I have visited Rome a lot after the beginning of my Catholic awakening. Every trip to Rome is a pilgrimage, and for me these journeys have been most successful and have added a great deal of experience and understanding to my religious thoughts and beliefs. I attended Papal Audience at St. Peter's Square on my first visit in Rome, and I happened to catch a glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI as he passed on the other side of the vast multitude of pilgrims. My first trip to Rome was the beginning of my Catholic conviction, and on every trip to Rome after the first one my knowledge seems to have increased.
- - - -
(The writing of summaries in English will continue till all the published posts have their corresponing summary on this page.)

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